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Jupiter Tequesta Youth Volleyball is a recreational volleyball program for both boys and girls in grades 2-12.  We are part of the Jupiter Tequesta Athletic Association (JTAA) that serves Jupiter/Tequesta, Florida and the surrounding areas.  We play both sand beach and indoor volleyball over two seasons in the fall and spring.

We also have a sister program named the Jupiter Elite that is for our more experienced travel players.

  Name   Position     email  
  Peter BarretteDirectordirector@jtaavolleyball.com
  Misty RussoAsst Director - High SchooldirectorHS@jtaavolleyball.com
  Aaron AllenAsst Director - Middle School 7/8director78@jtaavolleyball.com
  Chirstina Risario Asst Director - Middle School 5/6
  Felix  Ocasio
Asst Director - Elem School
  Seth Supran  Asst Director - Elem SchooldirectorES@jtaavolleyball.com
  Chirstina Risario Registrarregistrar@jtaavolleyball.com
  Pixie Blasko
Head of Refereesreferees@jtaavolleyball.com
  Pixie Blasko

JTAA Recreational volleyball committee 

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